Core message

The core message makes a connection between the experiences of the target audience and what you want to get across. Only messages that connect with the values or beliefs of the other party will hit home. A criticism-response session can help you put this into words and look into whether, in practice, you are able to really get on the other party’s wavelength or at least acknowledge their experiences. Typically a core message contains three elements: position, argument and action.


  • First write down all criticism on a flip chart. On a second sheet of paper, write a response to each point.
  • An overly flowery text can make it difficult to extract individual pieces of information, so consider writing your responses in the form of a few clear sentences or ‘building blocks’, rather than long, flowing prose.

The benefits of this method

The result is a succinct text which you can use in its entirety, for example in a vision statement, or which you take elements from and use for things like media communication.